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What we do

Empowering Small Business

Our goal is to form a unified front to empower all Immigrant Small Business owners in controlling their destiny and being an integral part of the growth and development of their communities  

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Personal Growth

We are aimed at empowering all our members to have the opportunity and access to Personal Growth Education in order to develop his potential to the highest levels.  Our partners are local and International Companies willing to give their expertise.

Rallying the Issues

From Elevated taxes to Voting Rights to the maintenance of our environments we will represent our members in all the issues in which the Small Business owner in being trampled on

Purchasing Power

Purchasing Power

The union of these small businesses can equal a the income of a Corporation, through the membership we have the power to negotiate as a group and Win !

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Unifying the Community

If as Italians,  Chinese, Polish, etc... We united as immigrants to buy from our members first, we would enrich our Communities how never before.  Check out our database for what ever you need.

Financial Education

Most immigrants come from poor countries that have been devastated either by war,  corruption, communism and all sorts of other issues, by offering Financial Education we ensure that they become fully integrated to society and in some cases lift out of mediocrity

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